Marion Balac (b.1984) is a french visual artist graduated from ENSBA Lyon (BFA) and Panthéon Sorbonne, Paris (MFA with honors). Her work uses different media like video, photography, drawing, screenshots and websites. Collecting data and images, using webs as tools of creation, she elaborates new situations and fictions.
The way in which landscapes evolve and also, the way we see them, become the starting point of her wanderings, her researches and her games. From her computer or IRL, she travels to strange places to observe the landscapes, she converts data into fictions and objects into stories.
Her work has been exhibited at the Cité Internationale des Arts (Paris), Khorshid Film Festival (Téhéran), Bandits-Mages (Bourges), Espace des Blancs-Manteaux (Paris), l’Abbaye (Annecy-le-Vieux), Galerie Neuf (Nancy), Hectoliter Gallery (Brussels), Musée Saint-Raymond (Toulouse). She has had the possibility to develop her work in residences like the Casa Velázquez in Madrid, Salón Bellefour in Buenos Aires or Hangar in Barcelona.

"I quite often spot the subjects, objects and landscapes that interest me from my computer screen. My practice is not just about the computer, though, and it takes shape in a variety of approaches and media. The internet is the trigger for the majority of my work: landscapes seen from a distance become the basis for graphic digressions, voyages, investigations. E-commerce and mapping sites are diverted to poetic ends or for social experiments. I move forward through scrolls and clicks, an online tourist. I travel within these dynamic maps, bringing out their incongruities, diverting their uses. I spot places, create fictions, explore and take scope of the scene. In accumulations of objects, in the repetition of stereotypes, in tourist sites – which sometimes look alike, to the point of becoming replicas – I find food for thought. These landscapes and objects, which I sort, modify and shape, are the starting points and sites of my work, within or outside the screen."


Marion Balac es un artista francesa licenciada en Bellas Artes por la ENSBA de Lyon y Máster en Artes por la Universidad Paris 1 Panthéon La Sorbonne.
Su trabajo utiliza distintos medios como el video, la fotografía, el dibujo, las capturas de pantalla y las webs. Recolectando datos e imágenes, utilizando webs de uso cotidiano como herramientas de creación, elabora ficciones y situaciones inéditas.
La manera en la que los paisajes evolucionan y también, la manera en que los vemos, se convierte en el punto de inicio de sus andanzas, de sus investigaciones y de sus juegos. Desde su ordenador o IRL, viaja a lugares extraños para observar el paisaje. Convierte datos en ficciones y objetos en historias. Tratando de la cartografía y del turismo a contracorriente, transforma sus observaciones de los usos de los turistas como los de los lugareños/habitantes locales en performances, en novelas o en pelis.
Su trabajo ha sido expuesto en Cité Internationale des Arts (París), Khorshid Film Festival (Téhéran), Bandits-Mages (Bourges), Espace des Blancs-Manteaux (Paris), l’Abbaye (Annecy-le-Vieux), Galerie Neuf (Nancy), Hectoliter gallery (Bruselas), Musée Saint-Raymond (Tolosa). Ha tenido le posibilidad de desarrollar su trabajo en residencias como en la Casa de Velázquez en Madrid, Salón Bellefour en Buenos Aires o Hangar en Barcelona.