Ruta por España

Outsourced diary, 2015.

Hello, my name is Marion Balac and I'm a french visual artist. I'm writing to you because I'd like to create a fake travel diary about a tour of Spain - using only Fiverr writers. Each writer will be assigned a specific city to write a brief story about. They will also receive some images of the city (postcards I purchased in Madrid) to help come up with ideas. So basically, one city = one writer = one small chapter. The hero would be me, a 31 year old french girl that barely speaks Spanish, traveling alone. The character (me) should not get physical changes (or die) during the story in order to keep the consistency between each chapter of the book. I need your agreement on the fact I'll be using your texts in a book, in exhibitions or in publications. I'll ask you to choose a specific font for your text. If this project interests you, I'd be happy to include you in my fake road trip. Best, Marion.

What we sometimes call the “uberization” of the world (the neologism referring to the adoption of business models in which individuals make resources or services available to customers, via the internet, at any time and without delay) applies to an ever growing number of services, creating unprecedented competition between amateurs and professionals. Offering one’s car for hire on Drivy or a guest room on AirBnB is now a commonplace affair. The services offered on are highly variable (from logo design to composing a personalized song) and starts at the price of a fiver, the $5 bill.
The site allowed me to take a proxy tour of Spain from my residency at the Casa de Velázquez (Madrid) and to develop a collective logbook. In exchange for $5, every writer contacted was responsible for sending me a text that corresponded to an assigned city. It could be inspired by a particular visual (a postcard I picked up at a Madrid antique shop). Ruta por España is a story written by delegation, a stationary and fragmented voyage whose style and literary qualities vary chapter by chapter. Clichés about Spain come one after the other. The story is chaotic, boring, surprising. This fictitious journey has no author.
The diary is readable and downloadable here.

(FR) Ce que l’on désigne aujourd’hui parfois comme l’ubérisation du monde (ce néologisme désignant l’adoption d’un modèle de commerce consistant, pour un particulier, à mettre des ressources ou un service à disposition de clients, via internet, à tout moment et sans délai) s’applique à un nombre croissant de services, créant une concurrence inédite entre amateurs et professionnels. Proposer sa voiture à la location sur Drivy ou sa chambre d’ami sur Airbnb est aujourd’hui affaire courante. Sur l’offre de services est ultra-variée (du design de logo à la chanson personnalisée) et démarre au prix du fiver, le billet de 5 $.
Le site me permet de me lancer, depuis ma résidence à la Casa de Velázquez (Madrid), dans un tour d’Espagne par procuration et d’élaborer un journal de bord collectif. Chaque écrivain contacté est chargé de me remettre, pour 5$, un texte correspondant à la ville lui étant assignée. Il peut s’inspirer d’un visuel donné (une carte postale chinée par mes soins chez un antiquaire madrilène). Ruta por España est un récit dont l’écriture est déléguée, un voyage immobile morcelé dont le style et la qualité littéraire varient à chaque chapitre. Les clichés sur l’Espagne se succèdent. Le récit est chaotique, ennuyeux, surprenant. Ce voyage fictif n’a pas d’auteur.
Le journal de bord est consultable et téléchargeable ici.